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Pool Equipment Repairs

- We offer repairs on pumps, motors, filters, timers, heaters, skimmers, broken pipes, drainage systems, or lighting issues, call into the office at 702-659-9800 to schedule a free consultation from our Clear Blue Repair Techs.

Acid Wash

- After many years of enjoying your pool, your pool may require an acid wash to return your pool to the look of a new swimming pool and spa.

Filter Cleanings

- Our pool service programs recommend filter cleaning quarterly to ensure that your water stays clean and safe.  Clean filters also save in energy costs and prolongs the life of your filter.

Salt Water System Maintenance

- Clear Blue Service Techs are experts in salt water system maintenance and will keep your salt chlorine generator running smoothly which will result in the elimination of calcium deposits.

Heater Maintenance

- Your heater is your pool's most expensive piece of equipment, so we make sure it runs smoothly.  We offer annual heater tune-ups, will calibrate gas valves, test all safety circuits, and check for water and gas leaks.

One Time Cleaning

- Are you having a special event and need your pool looking especially clean the day of your big event?  Clear Blue Pools will come in and make your pool look immaculate. 

Let the Professionals turn your dirty pool Clear and Blue again.
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